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. people are already out there including roberta gonzales at the coliseum. never too early to tailgate? >> reporter: it's never too early to tailgate. i arrived here at 10:30 this morning and there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people lining up outside o.co come stadium. i have some of the earlier rivals. steve sanchez where are you from? >> richmond, california. >> i know it hasn't been a stellar season at 3-9. what do you anticipate tonight? >> i'm looking for a beatdown one way or another. hopefully. we're black hole until we die so we need to stop the run, stop the pass, we need to do something. >> reporter: what do you think about lawrence karnow's weather forecast? >> hey, i love the weather so far. it's looking good. i see blue skies coming. going to be a beautiful night. >> reporter: in fact, we have your raider nation forecast. as the raters play host to the denver broncos kick off at 5:00 tonight. the clouds are breaking unfortunately. we're anticipating no rain for the first time in seven days in this forecast. the clouds are breaking up. we are also forecasti
tuberculosis while he was in prison. >>> roberta gonzales in the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. we are wrapping up this cold front but i'll tell you when to expect the next system and the next system and the next storm as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. o thanks roberta. toss to vern >>> we got a little break from the rain and now there's more on the way. roberta gonzales is in the weather center. she has a trifecta on the way. >> we have an extremely unsettled weather pattern and now we are wrapping this up cold front that brought us highs only in the 40s. 51 the outside number in oakland. good evening, it's live our high-def doppler radar. when you see green on the screen that's precipitation. i have to tell you, in the past 30 minutes, this has improved substantially. let's go ahead and zero in on some of our locations. we had the rain minutes ago over livermore pushing east and south leaving livermore, pleasanton and dublin leaving that area dry. a little snow fell in the mount diablo area, still plenty of snowfall throughout the eastern foothills, still some
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church for ten years. >>> roberta gonzales in the cbs 5 studio, here to collect a sizable donation for our food for bay area family. we'll have that as eyewitness continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,, it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. carotenoids >>> we're following some breaking news right now. the supreme court has announced it will take up the issue of gay marriage in california. we've been waiting for a ruling on this for some time now. >> gay marriages will be on hold here in the state until the high court makes its ruling sometime i
morning when the temperatures will peak in the mid-teens. >>> we'll hear from matt to roberta who says that we had some record highs in the bay area? >> yes, 56 degrees at the airport in oakland, which broke an old record of 65 set back in 1976. then canfield, the wild way of the north bay at 70 degrees, shattering the old record set back in 1934 and 1936. do you know what this is? take a wild guess. the bay bridge in the background, that's a climb that's a fire boat house. >> oh my gosh. >> and it was all decked out in christmas and holiday cheer. and thank you to all of the wonderful firefighters who did that. today and the city of san francisco, near the fire station, 66 degrees. 68 in redwood city. low 70s in santa rosa and in napa, 57 degrees. 57 degrees in san jose and 5 degrees above average for this time of the year. the beautiful lights, where currently the air temperature tumbled down to 57 degrees. another chilly night with the cool air mass in place and the clear skies. overnight 39 in santa rosa. mid-30 expz throughout fairfield, into the delta, 43 in mountain view. pretty
sponsoring the event for 23 years now. >>> all right. the rain came back. roberta says there's more on the way. she is here with the details. >> there certainly is. but you have to ask the question were you asking me during the commercial break, would you share it with everybody at home? >> were you on the bike today, roberta? >> no, how much precipitation -- [ laughter ] >> she was asking me the percentage of normal stats for this time of the year and we are at 148% of normal in santa rosa and -- [ laughter ] >> no, i didn't ride the bike today, ann. let's head out. our live high-def doppler radar. everything is drying up just a bit now. we are basically seeing a little bit of light precipitation right there between vallejo, benicia, american canyon up highway 680 north towards fairfield and vacaville. for the most part we received .25" of rain in the north bay, a trace of snow at mt. hamilton and diablo and st. helena. upper 40s san jose through mountain view. 50 in fremont. upper 40s in livermore. currently if you are heading out the door holiday plans, we are into the 40s but
roberta gonzales there and i'm sure with what's on the line the players don't care if they are wet or dry tonight. huh, roberta? >> spot on, right there. a fine mist is falling, temperatures near 60 degrees. we anticipate showers throughout the football game. the wind died down. that's good news. but it has not deterred the spirit of anybody turning out to this football game. i walked around the lot outside here of the stanford stadium and people are tailgating at their finest. some of the best food i have seen in years. and they are actually embracing the weather skipping around the puddles and just enjoying the evening. now, we do have more scattered showers in the forecast. this is a winner-take-all game. stanford cardinal facing ucla bruins. the winner goes on to the rose bowl. reporting live outside foster field, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >>> sort of a weather-sports report there. this was the scene today at sierra tahoe ski resort. has more than a foot and a half of new snow. there are similar total squaw valley and northstar. the area around lake tahoe gets up to 7 feet of fresh sno
with roberta gonzales. >> they are our guests and friends. good evening. it is time for "food for bay area families." and our friends have joined us here tonight with their commitment to help feed the local here in the bay area. and we have captain chelsea sullenberger. you don't need an introduction. >> call me sully, roberta. >> reporter: sully! it's always good to see you. we have kevin young from gilead sciences. paul ash from san francisco marin food bank and ethan. you have been doing such good work in the community feeding our local people. thank you. we given with kevin young. tell me, you have been involved with "food for bay area families" since 2006. why is this so dear to you and those that work at gilead? >> first, roberta, thank you for the invitation to be here this evening. gilead sciences' home is in the bay area. we have been here for 25 years. we're very committed to this community and the great work that the food bank does incredibly committed people providing nutritious food at this important time of the year to people in need in the bay area. we're delighted to be as
for the next few days. in about 15 minutes, roberta gonzales will let us know how long this dry spell will last. >>> ken bastida is live in mobile5. residents in lafayette still living with the effects of this weekend's past storms. and ken, money being made available to help speed up repairs to that huge sinkhole in the street. >> reporter: we'll get to that in a second. we're here on mountain view drive whereby now, most people in the bay area know what happened. but take a look at what they were working on today. they were putting huge rocks into this culvert. this is about 80 feet long, about 40 feet wide, and about 15 feet deep. a sinkhole that really got undermined from all the water that was coming down lafayette creek over the weekend. so they were busy out here today. not only were the engineers scouring all the debris out of there, but they were also trying to figure out a way to fix this problem. this is a section of a 9-foot- wide galvanized steel pipe that was in the creek. they have been fishing these pieces out cutting them up and they will go to scrap. now they have to figure ou
, one sure sign of the holiday season are all these tree lighting ceremonies. roberta gonzales is live at one tonight. >> reporter: yes. mobile weather, live at golden gate park for san francisco rec and park district 83rd annual christmas tree lighting. this is the city of san francisco's official christmas tree. in fact, it's dark right now. it's back there. it's a monterey cypress planted over 100 years ago by john mclaren. in fact, he was the very first superintendent of san francisco rec and park district. this entire area that we're at right now is called mclaren lodge. it's in the middle of golden gate partnering. tonight coming park. tonight at 6:00 mayor lee will flip the switch on 550 multicolored lights adorning this tree and 2,000 kids are expected to be out here, as well. certainly the holidays are well under way in san francisco. reporting from golden gate park, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >> looks like fun. >> that thing stopped just in time. >> i know, right. >> kind of going whoa! >> weather is going to be perfect tonight. >> thanks. >>> a new meningitis concern has heal
of the bay area's iconic movie houses possibly heading to the last picture show. >> good evening, roberta gonzales with the cbs 5 weather center. we have a show to put on for you tonight. as far as the weather is concerned is real mixed bag of sun and rain. we'll pinpoint when you'll see the rain drops as eyewitness news continues right here on the cw. bought 1-point-1 million cas >>> 2020 has been a great year for automakers, u.s. drivers bought 1.1 million cars and trucks in november up 15% from last year and that's the fastest sales pace since january of 2008. but even though more americans are spending money on new vehicles, they're also looking to spend less time and money at the pump. as cbs reporter john blackstone shows us automakers are finally getting the message. >> reporter: this year's l. a. autoshow is bolder -- and greener than ever before. more than 50 electric, hybrid and over fuel-efficient cars are on display. at a time when style is taken a backseat to fuel economy. edward low editor in chief for motor trend magazine says automakers are paying close attention because m
about the september 11 attack in benghazi, libya. >>> roberta gonzales is here. and in you like rain, you'll like -- and if you like rain, you'll like her forecast. >> i was taking a look at the long-range computer models, and from now, all the way to january 8, we will be seeing more rain than sunshine. good evening, everybody. let's take a look at our live hi-def doppler radar. let's go ahead and take a look. i want to zero in on some of that precipitation. let's start off right there. some of this rain has now moved out of martinez but this is a very light precipitation, measured up to about a quarter of an inch totally today in parts of the north bay. we still have another little line of showers drifting through highway 116 anywhere towards sonoma, moving in the direction of glen allen. but for the most part, this cold front is out of here. and i thought we'd take a look at our interesting precipitation of normal stats. where we stand today in comparison to last year at this time. san francisco now, 138% of normal. check out that very hefty total in santa rosa, a healthy number i
out to this important football game. good evening, i'm roberta gonzales with mobile weather as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,, ,, well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. a p-g-and-e worker died tody after crashing his truck dug stormy weather. police say the driver >>> a pg&e worker died today after crashing his truck during the stormy weather. police say that the driver lost control and smashed into a traffic signal pole early this morning in west sacramento. officers say roads were slick at the time of that crash. other pg&e workers say the driver had been working overtime. >>> a break-in at a multi- million dollar home end in a murder. it happened early this morning in a gated home on withey road in monte sereno. how the weather is affecting the investigation. >> reporter: investigators spent the day gathering evidence inside and outside the sprawling hillside estate. police were called to the scene around 1:30 a.m. by a woman who reported intruders brok
at the square. >>> glad we had a chance to see that huh roberta? it's a beautiful night tonight. but guess who's got rain in the forecast? >> everybody's been asking if it's going to rain tonight however because did you notice the cloud cover that just pushed into the bay area. good evening everybody. fire up the live hi-def doppler radar. again this is live and we have the radar bands scanning the bay area. no rain in your forecast tonight in fact the clouds will gradually clear. mostly cloudy right now as we look out to 10,000 lights aglow atop the embarcadero center. current air temperature pretty much in the 50s across the board. the winds have been fluctuating out of the north wes about 5 to 10 miles an hour. 54 currently if santa rosa. it's 55 in san francisco after a high today of 59 which was pretty close to normal for this time of the year. now 57 degrees in downtown san jose with mostly cloudy skies. again, the winds under 10. clouds clear late tonight. that's going to set the stage for a sunny warmer, albeit breezy sunday. and then we do have rain back in the forecast. we'll pinpoin
losing a family. i'm crying inside. it's terrible. >>> roberta is here with the rest of the weekend forecast. there is some rain in the forecast. >> there is rain in the forecast. how about that? today it looked like it was going to rain. i called up our hi-def doppler to take a good look within a 120-mile-wide radius. it is partly cloudy to mostly cloudy at this hour. today, with that mass of clouds, temperatures were very cool, 59 in san francisco. 60 in livermore. low 60's in san jose. one of the warmest locations happened to be oakland at 65. currently, this is our live weather camera looking out towards city hall, the rotunda. we're currently 47 degrees. everybody has already dipped into the 40's except for san francisco. that reporting station at 52. tonight, dipping into the 30's. santa rosa, there you have it right there, 37. upper 30's will be coming around napa and sonoma and glen allen. 30's also east of the bay. inland, low 40's across the santa clara valley. tonight the clouds are very slow to clear out. in fact, we'll have pockets of fog in the northern portion of our
moments ago in san francisco. roberta gop zooless is tracking this. >> it's amazing we're able to pick up light rain. it quickly fell apart. this is live high def doppler radar. you see this. and it this is about it. right now we are picking up a little bit of precipitation around oakland and also in emeryville. this will amount to less than .05 of an inch of rain. look at the sierra. we'll be finding rainfall and snowfall there. that's coming up later in this newscast. >> thanks. >>> we have developing news out of north korea. the government launched a long range rocket and claim thes to have put a satellite into orbit. the north american arrow space command confirms that north korea did large an object into orbit. north korea claims the satellite is peaceful. other countries are concerned it's a cover for testing a baa- ic missile. >>> three people dead after a mass gunman opened fire on holiday shoppers in a crowded portland-area mall. teresa garcia on the chaos. >> reporter: home video from inside an oregon mall shows a line of school children walking with hands raised while armed s.w
for the month, $2000. wow. we go to that -- from that to roberta who is kind of grinch- like now. 4 out of 24 days of sunshine. >> i was looking at extended computer models. four full sunny days. that includes next wednesday, christmas day, new year's day and january 6th. otherwise cloudy or rain. let's look at our radar. rain is pretty much out of here. just a smattering of precipitation right there. to the north also just outside of nevada. that's about it after receiving about a quarter of an inch of precipitation. some cool highs today. santa rosa, 12 degrees below average for this time of year. instead only 49 degrees. it's a bit raw outside tonight. with the cloud cover the very damp conditions, in the 40s across the board. meanwhile tonight, 36 degrees in napa. otherwise 40 in redwood city. low 40s around willow. mid30s in concord. your weather headlines, a possible stray shower tonight and tomorrow. generally mostly cloudy skies. extended forecast, more rain than sunshine. it's an unsettled weather pattern. they're just starked up like planes at sfo. future cast, cloud cover. tomorrow
're still collecting food and donations for bay area families this season. and roberta gonzales, how nice to see you out there adding to the holiday cheer! how's it going? >> reporter: it's going great, brian. i'm in san mateo. these are the last final days for our big-time push to feed bay area families. and i'm at the most spirited whole foods market in the entire bay area! >> yeah!! >> they are here to tell us about their most successful "grab and give" program today. >> you can still donate with barrels and you can dump things off. or you can grab a card, give it to the cashier and buy five, ten or $25 food for a family of for to feed them for a -- a family of four to feed them for a day. >> reporter: this is the easiest and most successful program yet. >> absolutely. >> reporter: thank you. over here, cathy jackson, she is the ceo of second harvest food bank from santa clara and san mateo. >> it's unbelievable what whole foods has done this year is make it so easy for people to give food to give funds to support the bay area food banks. >> reporter: when people give in their particu
and tuesday. cooler weather starting wednesday with highs back down in the 50s. roberta, something this evening? >> it is my favorite tame of the year where channel 5 for the past 10 years have welcomed food for bay area families into the art studio. joining us tonight paw lori from black hawk and regina rogers all from black rock. then we have someone from the san francisco food bank who are you? >> lucy. >> you're so cute. another adorable child just entered the room. >> lucas. my name is lucas. >> hi. thanks for joining us today. came with a very special big check tonight. >> indeed. thank you roberta. pleasure to be representing black rock with aaron and regina. we are here to present to the san francisco food bank a check for $25,000. >> whoa. $25,000. we need a round of [applause] for that. leslie, how many people will this feed? >> we will be able to turn that $25,000 into 75,000 meals that will go to people in need right here in our community for the holidays. >> that is wonderful. i hear all the employees of black rock are tremendous volunteers. eyewitness news continues.
the u.s. economy $1 billion a day. >>> all right, roberta gonzales. in for paul deanno, good to see you. >> always good to see you, dana and allen. [ laughter ] >> both of you. i think you guys just allowed me it come in to dry off for a couple of days here after a soaking week. boy, today did we have plenty of precipitation around the bay area. good evening, everyone. let's go ahead to berkeley where today, nearly 9/10ths of an inch of rain fell just today alone so people were out and about with their umbrellas and everybody has been asking, what does this mean for the high sierra? this is our weather camera in the greater lake tahoe area. we did have two feet of snow above 7,000 feet but for the most part high temperatures there today was in the upper 40s. a very warm storm. but right now, it's live, it's high-def doppler radar. it's still picking up some very light precipitation. primarily around highway 101 for the evening commute. anywhere from morgan hill all the way into gilroy but that's it. the system is out of here after producing some copious amounts of rain today. a third of
and they got to see the joy that the givers also had. >> thank you, juliette. >>> roberta has her eye on the sky where santa's going to have his flight in a couple of weeks, right? some rain in the forecast? >> we have a lot of rain in our forecast for the next 10 days leading into new year's eve. in and out of the rain so keep that umbrella handy. good evening, everyone. let's go ahead and fire thank you. it's live. it's our high-def doppler radar. you see the scan from our radar site mount vaca. as it scans the val centrally and heads 132 miles towards merced, there you have it. we have the leading edge of the precipitation off the north bay coast. in fact, let's move north now and there you had the leading bands of a cold front beginning to descend in a southerly direction towards cloverdale upstream, rain in the mount shasta area. this is our bigger picture, satellite and radar. this here is a very fast moving cold front which tells you something right away. since it moves so fast you won't see a lot of precipitation. but nevertheless behind it here a lot of unsettled cool air mas
hill. patrick sedillo, cbs 5. >> one of the many people who grew up going to that theater roberta. it would be sad to see it go. >> you know i remember the days of the good old drive-in theater. i was just back in barstow a couple of weekends ago. they still have the drive-in theater. >> they're fading everywhere. >> you know you might want to think about outdoor activities at least for the next couple of days. good evening everybody. sure we have clouds out there right now but i fired up the live hi-def doppler radar, no precipitation within the bay area at all. over the mount have coo area. again no precipitation albeit on the cloudy side. this is a scene. it's live it's our cbs 5 weather camera looking out to the embarcadero center with it brightly lit up. very festive. the city is hopping tonight. lots of activities going on. it is currently 54-degree in san francisco after a high today of 59 degrees. that's one degree above average. santa rosa already fallen into the low 50s. that's gown to be one of the coldest locations across the bay area tonight. with 37 degrees in the of
. in vallejo don ford, cbs5. >>> roberta is here with a look at our forecast and there's a little rain. >> there's a bit of everything in our seven-day forecast. first off today we had two record high temperatures in the bay area. tonight it's not as cold as last night at this hour. we head over to -- you know what this is? it's the san francisco fire department along with the police department and the san francisco fire boat guardian set on alert near the bay bridge. that's fire station 35 there near pier 22.5 and they are all adorned in holiday cheer. that's near the bay bridge where today we had a high temperature of 66 degrees, 8 degrees above normal in san francisco. right there, that is a brand- new record in oakland at 66 degrees at the airport shattering the old record that was established back in 1976. look at santa rosa, 14 degrees above average, 67 in san jose. this is the embarcardero, lot of clear skies. tomorrow we'll have the offshore flow continuing. tonight right now 40s and 50s across the board dipping down between the 30s and mid-40s across the central bay, 43 in mo
on the carcasses scientists warn people not to touch or eat the squid as they may contain tox giants. >>> roberta is keeping an eye out for rain. >> we have an active weather pattern over the next 10 days in the bay area. let's get down it business and fire it up. it's live high-def doppler radar. we are scanning the skies within a 132-mile radius from mount vaca all the way south and east in merced. where the rain? snow. now beginning to fall in the mount shasta area. today we saw mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon hours and peaked in the mid-50s at the coast to 64 degrees in san jose. san francisco 53 on the other side of the bridge due east at 55 in oakland. san jose bright lights, cloud cover, breezy winds out of the northwest at 17 currently 57 degrees. your weather headlines, rain, it's back in the weather picture. tomorrow, spotty showers. and then a very active 10-day forecast. wait until you see our pinpoint outlet. first, tonight, overnight, not as cold due to the blanket of clouds into the 40s but this is a cold front so we have a push of colder air all associated with it that will t
: she says honest conversations that are age roberta will help ease your child's fears. younger children might have more trouble understanding. >> so for those children it's reelly important to try and limit their exposure to these events all the news coverage and to more importantly to reassure to them the safety of their environment. >> reporter: older children will have a greater understanding and want to know more of the specifics, she says be open with them and stress the isolated nature of the event. >> this is a random isolated event and it could happen to anyone anywhere although it most likely will not. >> it's not a normal person that will go into an elementary school and shoot it up methodically. >> reporter: be calm and reassure your kids that there are a lot of people looking out to make sure they're safe. so listen to your kids tonight. let them talk about their feelings. keep in mind they will be paying close attention to the moods of the adults around them. try to maintain a normal routine and reassure children that school is a safe place. some kids will have more intense
return on wednesday and thursday. time to toss it over to roberta. >>> paul, we are on our final few days for "food for bay area families" right here at cbs 5. tonight, our check presentation involves one of our youngest but one of our most important people donating and her name is sydney lohr 10 years old. i just have to say first off i have heard your story. you are my hero! tell me how usual making a contribution to "food for bay area families." >> well, for my tenth birthday, i donated money for the alameda county food bank by asking my friends to bring checks instead of presents. >> reporter: they didn't give you any presents? they just came with check in hand and gave it to you? >> yeah. >> reporter: what made you think of such an idea? >> well, my parents were talking one night about how some families don't have enough food to eat and i thought that was really sad. so... >> reporter: i'm glad that you have such a big heart. let me see this big check that you want to contribute to the alameda county food bank. >> it is -- $400! all from sydney loura from danville! we thank you. mik
it feel cold! liz is filling in tonight for roberta. >> it is getting chilly and will be colder overnight. ditch the umbrellas for the next 24 hours or so and then grab a jacket because this is what it looks like outside. it is chilly. really cold outside in spots. going to get colder overnight because temperatures are falling below freezing especially those inland valleys. so here's your temperatures out the door right now. oakland 51. but look at concord, 44 degrees. 47 in san jose and santa rosa. yeah, tonight's the night clearing. that's why we're seeing these cooler temperatures. 30 degrees inland, 34 around the coast and bay. tomorrow temperatures similar to what we saw today. you're going to see these readings a tick below normal about 5 degrees below normal for the end of december mainly low 50s out the door by the afternoon and a mix of sun and clouds. the reason there is a low pressure system continues to move farther south. we were seeing it on monterey county earlier but you can see clear skies around the the bay area and not a raindrop in sight. so our hi-def doppler is takin
. fishermen are being advised to avoid fishing from the rocks. >>> elizabeth wenger in tonight for roberta. and yes, i can all right feel that it's getting colder. >> can you? last couple of days have been really chilly outside. you stepped outside at all tonight, you know those temperatures, they're falling and they will continue to fall overnight. freezing or even below in some parts of the bay area. so we'll show you what it looks like outside right now. here's a live look. a few clouds out there overnight but clearing for the most art and that's what's going to give us all those cold temperatures. here's a live look out at the bay bridge. current temperatures out the door now we are seeing a lot of low 50s and even a few upper 40s in livermore, 52 right now in santa rosa and only 50 degrees in concord. so yeah, overnight tonight, the north bay, those east bay interior valleys, that's where it's going to get particularly cold, 30 degrees to below freezing in some spots, a little more mild closer to the bay. so oakland, san francisco, shouldn't be too bad. tomorrow kind of similar to tod
forecast. time as to send things over to roberta. >>> paul, i think it was hilarious. my guest said what, paul said wet, rainy and cool? >> yes. >> that's why she came indoors today. in cbs's continuous efforts for "food for bay area families" we invited to our studios tonight a law firm who has been coming every, single year. it's wilson. sasini, goodrich rosati. colleen ball is with the foundation. this is your ninth out of 10 years being here. thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. it's so important to publicize the need and you have been so great in supporting us in that. >> thank you. now this donation which is going to be a very generous one is from the employees. >> it's from our individual employees who have made donations as well as our charitable arm called the wilson sonisi foundation. >> reporter: you're doing so much for bay area families in dire need. 25% of children in the bay area are hungry and we are doing our efforts. let's see your donation. >> $70,000. >> reporter: whoo! yes! $70,000. i cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart and we want to remind
. it looks wet on friday. lets me once again toss to my good pal, roberta. >> i seriously love that man. thanks, brian. >>> good evening, tonight is another extraordinary night for "food for bay area families." here at cbs 5 we have olivia and lucas and we have chief instructor mike lee from the kung fu academy out of concord. and my good buddy larry sly who is executive director of the food banks from solano and contra costa counties. thank you so much for being here. mike, you and your students have done extraordinary things to feed the hungry here in the bay area. please explain. >> on saturday november 17, the kung fu academy in concord holessed a food drive party for our students, families and the local community. we held a food drive. we asked for $5 or 5 cans of food and together we raised 2349 pounds of food for -- >> okay. we need a drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> how much duff raise? >> 2, 349 pounds of food! >> whoo! wahoo! >> good job! >> i love this. because they just, you know, didn't toss the money our way. they rolled up their sleeves and got down to some busines
of the castro regime. roberta jacobson is the highest u.s. official to visit alan gross in jail. >> alan gross was not a spy. >> reporter: she believes cuba is using alan gross as leverage to change u.s. policy. >> if they believe mr. gross is a bargaining chip he's not. he's not in a policy sense. and he's not as a human being. >> reporter: recently the cuban government offered to trade alan gross for five convicted cuban spies. the u.s. refused to release them. in the meantime alan gross's health has suffered. since his arrest he's lost over 100 pounds and his family is under strain. >> i've lost 80% of salary. i'm working full time and then i come home and i have almost another full time job working on bringing alan home. >> reporter: judy is suing the u.s. government and dai for up to $60 million. she claims they did not properly train alan for risks of working in cuba. >> the government sent him there and i'm footing the bill to try to get him home. >> reporter: for now judy hopes by bringing attention to her husband's case she will for the cuban government to set him free. for cbs "this
the modernization that roberta talked about? we did learn about ko'd during this crisis, when fha wanted to change its standards and eliminate a program that was clearly costing it a significant portion, having an agency which does not have the authority to act quickly or to try out new products on a small scale before they decided they make sense on a large scale is not nimble in a federal, statutory set of guidelines. one of the things we're trying to develop is, how do we make sure that the fha managers do not have to go back to congress every time they want to be able to take steps, to take a risk mitigation actions that a private lender would be able to take? you have to be willing to have transparency about how well you're meeting a metrics. the officials who are in charge of managing the fund, they will do that better than a process that has to go through the natural legislative process to get those answers in place. we saw that with down payments. that was a program that many members of congress believe are in the same place. we could not get the week -- we could not get them to turn the s
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